Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Jarak Result 22 Mac 2014

As usual, boading 7 anglers with A-Ho GT Chaser.

Try to get back the one-way ticket GT last time i didnt manage to land. But the water condition is not the best time for targetting GT. So I go on fishing for anything as long my line is in the water haha.

The only Top water fish landed. Faul Hook Queenie by MC Works Explosion 7105HF + SW1000XG + No.5 Avani GT & Silver Napalm 60g.

Small grouper by ShabShab 200g

Tighten the drag for OJ1500PG before the fish run into its home.

OJ1500PG showing me its power, thanks to DOL selling to me hahaha

The fish managed to enter its home. Damn!!! As usual, A-Ho please 911.

Lucky the 911 rescue by A-Ho managed to make the fish come out from its home hehe

Keep pulling

Nice bend by lovely Poseidon. Thanks to my buddy BRUCE WONG, selling it to me 

Nah !!!

18lbs Grouper
EG Poseidon SlowJerker PSLJ 603-6
OJ 1500 PG + Sasame PE2.5 Line
YGK Fluoro No.12
ShabShab 200g

Credit to all my group kaki : Eugene, Marcus, Julian, Bob Asrazi, Kiat Lee & Cheng Toh.

For Full Trip report please go to : TackleSource