Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pekan Monsoon GT

Got chance to explore Pekan in the early monsoon season with my favorite boatman, Azahar MJ. My target just to test the performance of my new custom rod by MC Works.

I do try this rod before, but still didn't get any chance for hookup any fish. That's mean it's still virgin :-) So as usual, i paired this rod with SW10000XG loaded with PE5 Avani GT.

This lure need early retirement scheme or at least need to rewire before using it again.

HeamerHead A-Cup 54g

Rig with Owner ST66 3/0. Look like the fish more powerful than my expectation. It can simply bend the 5X ST66 hook.

Here is the GT. My new personal record for Pekan water. 

Medusa Custom Works ( MC Works ) Explosion 7105HF Omasa Pluging Special
Stella SW10000XG + PE5 Varivas Avani GT + 80lbs Seaguar Shock Leader
HammerHead A-Cup 54g : ST66 3/0

Now i need to wait coming Open Season to continue chasing my next trophy due to Monsoon Season already hit our east coast.