Monday, February 6, 2012

Pekan : Monsoon Season

January 2012

Got call from our bestest kapitan, Azhar MJ to join together with ultimated sifu, Wan & Mukhtar for testing Pekan water in the middle of Monsoon Season. Do you dare to cruise along the big wave & strong windy condition ? I bet not many kakis dare to. But after explanation from Azhar, we immediately pack our stuff & drive to Pekan.  

As usual, Pekan is our spot which we practice our light casting, popping & jigging. So we juz pack as minimum as we can. Normally we only brought 1 light jigging & 1 light casting setup. Our main target on this trip ofcoz the mighty F1 (Ebek) & Spaniard.

Double BigMack by Pintail Tune

Poseidon Oceanhunter POHS70 + SW6000 + PE2.5 + Pintail Tune 40

Poseidon Spinjerker 2.5 Light + SW5000 + PE2 + Caprice Kid 50

Some says, there is no big GT in Pekan water, Pekan is not the suitable place for popping & etc. So many weird sound i heard before from a few kakis. Now i show you that you are wrong. You didnt try with the best Captain, best spot & also best time to fish in Pekan yet. Some of you juz thinking about to fish so many fish as you can, but didnt try to work hard & focus. I wait 3 years to get this opportunity & it's worth it. 

Truly amazing fight with my light setup to tame this beast. It was unbelievable moment becoz i lost the same type of popper for the first stike coz the GT make a long run to the shallow reef. Not to waste the time, i manage to tie another leader & rig to this popper with my shaking hands. After a few cast, there are a big splash & i know the GT already grab my popper over there. As i remembered, I think the fight take about 10-15minutes & honestly it was painful when you fight this size of GT with the light setup. Thanks to Azhar Mj coz navigate the boat out from the risky shallow reef area. If not, i bet i will lost another popper :)

Juz lucky when i'm on the right time & right place.
This is my personally NEW RECORD by Light Tackle.
17kg Size of GT
Rod : Poseidon OceanHunter POHS70 PE1-3
Reel : Stella SW6000HG
Line : Varivas Casting PE 2.5
Leader : YGK No.10
Popper : FCLLABO Ebipop 50g


Popper : FCLLABO Ebipop 75g, 65g & 50g

Casting Lure : Jackson Pintail Tune 40g

Jig : IMA Gunpeki 40g