Monday, March 7, 2011

The Three Sisters

i) SP80M ; the youngest rated at PE6-8. My best choice to paired it with SW16000SOM on PE8 Avani GT/ SMP.
:::: Light Weight combos for full day popping session. Can handle 140g Cono-Cono & 150g GT2 easily. Also can handle GT Slider very nice.

ii) SP78H ; the mid and rated at PE6-10. My nice combo with SW18000 on PE8 Avani GT/SMP.
:::: Mid Weight for casting up to 170g GT3 & 180g BigFoot.

iii) MH80H ; the eldest and new range of blank construction rated at PE8-10. Choose to paired it with SW18000 on PE8 Avani GT/SMP.
:::: Close to SP78H function & can cast up to 170g GT3 & 180g BigFoot. But more forgiving action compare to SP78H. But still full a lot of power fight compare to SP78H. This is the rod which didn't break my skinny back :)

Need to wait till 3 years to collect this stuff b'coz only produce in limited quantity and some of its was no more in the market b'coz the production was stop by their maker.