Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now Standing 2Gather With My SP's

Next Generation of Monster Hunting Stick


After a long wait now it's on My Rack

Konishi San

Monster Hunters. I had the opportunity to test both the 80H RF40 and the 79XH RF45. The 80H has already been released in small numbers and some of you may already have acquired one. The 79XH is the heavier version of this rod and is an international model; that is, it is only for the international market and will not be sold domestically in Japan. This rod will be released during 2011.

I found the 80H to be a very impressive all round rod. I would see it as a PE8-10 rod and it certainly has significant reserves of power down low. In terms of action, I feel the blank has a slightly more progressive action that the EXH. I would suggest both rods are roughly comparable in power. That said, the EXH clearly has a stiffer tip than the 80H. This would be a suitable rod for anyone looking for an all-round rod to throw poppers up to the 170g range and large stickbaits. The rod really does have some power down low. Konishi San landed his biggest GT of the trip on the 80H and he went really, really hard at times with the rod. I liked this rod a lot as an all-round mid-heavy GT rod and I liked it enough where I will be getting one myself.

From the 80H, we take a step up to the 79XH. This rod is another step up in power and I see this as a serious PE10 rod. The tip is probably approaching the EXH is stiffness and while the action is still relatively fast, it has a more forgiving taper than the SP rods like the EXH and UHL. Down low, this rod has loads of power. I found that this rod could take anything I was capable of dishing out on a fish and still had heaps of power in reserve down low. I feel this rod is suitable for poppers up to perhaps the 200g size although I would see around 170-190g as ideal. I will say that I feel that the tip is not strong enough for a King Kong or an I Cup. It will pop lures this size but I think there will be some degree of saturation in the blank. I would, however, see this rod as powerful enough for 95% of anglers who want to work big poppers. From a personal perspective, I will be looking closely at this rod as I have to admit that the UHL is beyond my capabilities these days and probably has been for a few years now. (review by Brandon Khoo, Monster Class Anglers)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stick Collections

Jigging Sticks

 Evergreen Poseidon SpinJerker Light PSPJ603L-5 PE2.5

 Evergreen Poseidon Spinjerker PSPJ410 PE4

 Carpenter One Hundred Series OH56MH-S PE6-10

Casting Sticks

 Evergreen Poseidon OceanHunter POHS70 PE1-3

Smith KGS 70MH PE2-5

 Carpenter LGM Super Popping SP80M PE6-8
Carpenter LGM Super Popping SP78H-SHP PE6-10

Smith Komodo Dragon PE12

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Launching

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