Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guide to choose Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Jarak Result 22 Mac 2014

As usual, boading 7 anglers with A-Ho GT Chaser.

Try to get back the one-way ticket GT last time i didnt manage to land. But the water condition is not the best time for targetting GT. So I go on fishing for anything as long my line is in the water haha.

The only Top water fish landed. Faul Hook Queenie by MC Works Explosion 7105HF + SW1000XG + No.5 Avani GT & Silver Napalm 60g.

Small grouper by ShabShab 200g

Tighten the drag for OJ1500PG before the fish run into its home.

OJ1500PG showing me its power, thanks to DOL selling to me hahaha

The fish managed to enter its home. Damn!!! As usual, A-Ho please 911.

Lucky the 911 rescue by A-Ho managed to make the fish come out from its home hehe

Keep pulling

Nice bend by lovely Poseidon. Thanks to my buddy BRUCE WONG, selling it to me 

Nah !!!

18lbs Grouper
EG Poseidon SlowJerker PSLJ 603-6
OJ 1500 PG + Sasame PE2.5 Line
YGK Fluoro No.12
ShabShab 200g

Credit to all my group kaki : Eugene, Marcus, Julian, Bob Asrazi, Kiat Lee & Cheng Toh.

For Full Trip report please go to : TackleSource

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pekan Monsoon GT

Got chance to explore Pekan in the early monsoon season with my favorite boatman, Azahar MJ. My target just to test the performance of my new custom rod by MC Works.

I do try this rod before, but still didn't get any chance for hookup any fish. That's mean it's still virgin :-) So as usual, i paired this rod with SW10000XG loaded with PE5 Avani GT.

This lure need early retirement scheme or at least need to rewire before using it again.

HeamerHead A-Cup 54g

Rig with Owner ST66 3/0. Look like the fish more powerful than my expectation. It can simply bend the 5X ST66 hook.

Here is the GT. My new personal record for Pekan water. 

Medusa Custom Works ( MC Works ) Explosion 7105HF Omasa Pluging Special
Stella SW10000XG + PE5 Varivas Avani GT + 80lbs Seaguar Shock Leader
HammerHead A-Cup 54g : ST66 3/0

Now i need to wait coming Open Season to continue chasing my next trophy due to Monsoon Season already hit our east coast.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finally !!!!!!!!

Finally my long wait juz become reality. New Family on My Rack.

Last Post :

Cheers ...

Pulau Jarak The Return

As usually, last call from Darren for Jarak Trip with Ah-Ho GT Chaser. Nice closing trip before coming Ramadhan .

Link to Jarak Trip Report.



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sort of Pekan Sensation

GT from Berhala Shallow Reef
Nice Pekan GT scale @33lbs
120g MuraMura Popper

Another GT scale @29lbs at same spot 

Long Fight for Cobia with SW4000PG + 
Poseidon PSPJ603L PE2 Light

Cobia scale @34lbs

Eging time when the fish sleep

Ima Gunpeki Silver for this Diamond

Another victim by Silver Ima Gunpeki

Favorite Golden Green Gunpeki for this Diamond

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jigging & Popping Fiesta !!!!!!!!!

Jarak Isle : 14 Dec ~ 16 Dec 2012

First al all, sorry to say i didn't managed to bring my Camera in this "last call" trip. So for the futher detail & photos of this trip can refer to my Buddy Blog.

Click Link to see Trip Photos : TackleSource

Darren with nearly his size of Grouper

Kindergarten size

Victim of  Ebipop
Nice Size of Jarak GT

Queenie by MuraMura 

Hookers 1 for BigMack

Table size Grouper hit CB One

Another victim by CB One

Goldie by 40g Gunpeki

Shout lurking for Fat Goldie

My setup for this Trip.

LGM Super Popping SP80M
Varivas Avani GT No.6

Popper : Seikai Collection MuraMura Pop 110g & 130g, FCLLABO Ebipop 60g, Adhek Young Lady, Adhek Penipen

Poseidon Spinjerker PSPJ410
YGK Ultra JigMan X8 No.3

Poseidon Spinjerker PSPJ603L-5
Saltiga Game 3500
YGK Ultra JigMan X8 No.3

Jig : CB One, Shout , SevenSeas Hookers, Shimano Butterfly, IMA Gun, Adhek Ghost ( 40g ~ 220g )

Poseidon OceanHunter 70
Varivas Casting PE 28lbs